Get to know The Wedding Catchers

Well this seems a bit big headed but I’m going to attempt to interview
myself (yes very weird) so that you ladies and gentlemen can get to know
us a bit before you make an enquiry… so here goes…

Q. Why should people choose The Wedding Catchers?

A. Jo and I have been together as a couple for over 6 years. We are best friends and a great team with great ideas. For all the couples that have put their trust in us we have always been given rave reviews.I truly believe that our dedication and hard work for you will always be shown in our films and the families that have shared and enjoyed them are always 100% happy with the final film. Please see our testimonials for all the lovely after messages people have given us.

Q.What do The Wedding Catchers offer that other companies don’t?

A. Jo and I always work together. We decided not to offer a single camera option for our packages because we film and edit your video as if it’s our own wedding. The finished product look so much better with two cameras, there is more coverage and it looks really professional and enjoyable to watch. We have worked together on many television productions together and i guess that will give you peace of mind that our skills are for real!

Q. How do you work on the day?

A. Well we try to be really discreet and let you guys and gals get on with what you gotta do. Jo will normally film all the bridal prep and I’ll go and setup the cameras etc and sort out the equipment for the ceremony. Jo is really good at getting really great shots (as she is so small) she can squeeze into any corner and get angles you never even knew existed! If people are arriving at the place of the brides prep I’ll shoot them arriving and greeting etc and if not ill take shots of the place of prep, then when we’ve got enough we rush off to the wherever the ceremony will be and get ready for your arrival. Once the ceremony is shot the rest is pretty similar to be honest. We film the rest as quietly and discreetly as possible, bish bash bosh then we go home and leave you to enjoy the rest of the party!

Q. How do you edit the films?

A. Jo and I both have our roles when editing your films together. I edit the ceremony and speeches and Jo edits everything else. You get to choose whatever music you like or we can supply you with some great emotional and heart warming tunes (or big bass pumping party tunes for the after party!) The film is put together on a personalised DVD (with pics of you on the cover) complete with a polished, personal DVD menu, scene selection and lovely, slick transitions.

Q. Do you meet couples before the day?

A. Yep. We don’t actually need to but we always try to. We always make sure we meet you if you are feeling a little uneasy with being filmed. It’s best to meet and run through your day and let you know how we work as it’s not as daunting as you my think. It’s nice for you to get to know us and tell us about whats going where and where you will be at certain times. We love meeting people and discussing what your day will be like and we never charge for any travel costs or consultations. But in all honesty we don’t need to, if we turn up on the day and haven’t met you before we will say our quick hello and then let you get on with the day. We have shot a lot of films this way and are used to shooting on the run. Just look at our logo! Its based on how we work!

Q. How will you be dressed on the day?

A. Always smart, sometimes a suit sometimes smart formal dress, but we promise there will never be jeans and t-shirt on our watch!

Q. Do you understand different religious ceremonies etc?

A. Love em, we just love em. Jo and i have shot many Sikh and Hindu weddings, Polish, Greek, Roman Catholic and even Cambodian! We love educating ourselves on how people live. We have filmed many different types of weddings and can follow anything new, as there’s two of us we never miss a thing. We will always send you a detailed questionnaire to fill in a few weeks before your day and anything that you would like to ask you can always give us a bell or drop us an email.

Well that’s enough for now i think, Stuart Crofts, thank you very much…
Thank you Stuart Crofts… I have been Stuart Crofts, thank you for reading and have a great night.